Below are the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding Black Box.  Please read the “How do I use Black Box?”  section first before scrolling down to the other questions.

How do I use Black Box?



  1. Download for iOS (Android Coming Soon)
    1. Search for “Black Box Performance Tracker” in the App Store.
    2. Find and select “Black Box Performance Tracker”  (Pictured below)
      Image of Searching for Black Box Performance Tracker

      Search for Black Box Performance Tracker

  2. To Log in, either select to “Sign Up” for a new Black Box account, or sign with Google or Facebook.
    Sign in

    Sign in screen

    1. To Log In via Google or Facebook, tap their respective buttons and enter your log in information for that account.
    2. To Create a new Black Box Account, select “Sign Up” near the bottom of the screen and enter your information in the respective fields.

      Enter your information.

    3. If you’ve already signed up for Black Box, simply enter your email and password and tap, “Log In”.  Similarly, tapping on your respective external login service (aka Google or Facebook) and (if necessary) entering your username/email and password will allow you to sign in via your external service.
  3. Now, Press “Record” and get ready to ride your OHV.

    Press “Record” and get ready!

  4. Have a blast, and taunt your buddies!
What's a Gear Challenge?


Gear Challenges, in short, are awesome.

With Gear Challenges, you can win (free) gear just by getting out and riding.  Winning a challenge makes you the recipient of assorted sponsored gear (Helmets, Gloves, Goggles, etc.) and gives you serious bragging rights.

Joining Gear Challenges is the same as joining regular challenges.  (See the “Joining Challenges” section of this FAQ)


How do I accept and join challenges?


  1. Log In to Black Box (See the “How do I use Black Box?” Section of this FAQ)
  2. Open “Challenges”

    Open “Challenges”

  3. Select a challenge you wish to participate in from the list (You may need to wait for Black Box to finish gathering challenges).
  4. Select “Join Challenge”

    Press “Join Challenge”

  5. Get out and ride!
How do I create new Challenges?
  1. Log in to Black Box (See “How do I use Black Box” section)
  2. Open Challenges

    Open “Challenges”

  3. Select “+”
    Add Challenge (

    Add Challenge (“+”) Button

  4. Select your challenge options.
    Enter your challenge options

    Enter your challenge options

  5. Add Friends
  6. Hit “Create Challenge” and start competing!
What are the Gear Challenge rules?
  1. All Sessions must be recorded on a Power Sports vehicle (ATV, motocross, snowmobile, street bike, etc.)
  2. Gear Challenge Participants (competing with ATV, motocross, snowmobile, or other off-road vehicles) must record at least 85% of their sessions in an off-road environment.  If a Challenge Participant records over 15% of sessions over public roadways, the individual will be disqualified from the Gear Challenge.
  3. Gear Challenge Participants (Competing with Street Bikes or other on-road vehicles) must record at least 95% of their sessions on public roadways.If a Challenge Participant records over 5% of sessions in an off-road environment, the individual will be disqualified from the Gear Challenge.
  4. Gear Challenge Winners must post a photo of themselves with their newly-won gear at both the Black Box social media outlets, and the Gear Challenge’s sponsor’s social media outlets.
Do you need an internet connection to use Black Box?

No, but an internet connection does improve the accuracy of your score.