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Black Box Performance Tracker uses your phone to track your rides. Get points for turns, elevation change, and distance. Score big to earn bragging rights and win gear from top powersports brands.

Ride Hard, Score Big with Black Box Performance Tracker

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The Black Box Performance Tracker is currently in beta for iOS and we’ll soon be opening up beta access for Android. This is your chance to check out the app before anyone else. Track your rides, start racking up your Black Box score, challenge your squad, and win some gear along the way in our first Gear Challenges.

Black Box Performance Tracker Features

The Black Box Performance Tracker gives you a whole new reason to ride. The easy to use mobile app lets you record your rides on any powersports vehicle, anywhere in the world. Black Box will show you where you rode, how fast you went, how high you climbed, and gives you points for every mile, every turn, and every foot of elevation change. Use your score to challenge friends and compete in Gear Challenges to win the best gear from the best brands.


The Black Box Performance Tracker keeps track of all your rides, including a map of your route and data like speed and distance traveled.


Win the best gear from top brands in our exclusive Gear Challenges. Enter a challenge, ride to rack up the most points, collect your new gear.


The Black Box Performance Tracker gives you a score for every ride based on the total number of miles, elevation change, and turns.


Prove who’s best in your crew. Create a leaderboard and invite your friends to battle for the top spot.

Don’t Worry Android Lovers, We Haven’t Forgotten You

Our developers are hard at work building the Black Box Performance Tracker for Android. Drop in your email below and we’ll let you know when it goes live in the Google Play Store.

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